We made Noisebud GranMa since we needed a fast and effective buffer scratch thing. GranMa will simply sample the source as soon you hit the rec button and play it back at the buffers location with the two scratch platters (the left one will only move the buffer position and the right one will try to pitchbend it’s way to the platters position).  Remember that it will only sound when you move the platters, like a real deck with a broken motor, Have fun!

2Noisebud GranMa 2.0 2013-12-04 153631.bmp




A donation will entitle you to all our donation releases, not just this plugin…

Changlelog 2.0:

  • Added a simple Freeze button
  • Added a timer so you know the length of the buffer (Feature request from user)
  • Changed the behavior of the release
  • Made the playback engine a bit more smooth (less glitch, clips and crackle)
  • Dry/Wet control make more sence
  • The record button is also an input audio meter

Earlier versions:

DOWNLOAD GRANMA 1.01 – In color and free

Examples where GranMa is used (Feel free to send us links to your projects):

14 comments on “GranMa

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  2. It looks good, but I don’t know how to apply it. I put the Dry mix knob at 50% and I play around with turntables? Can you post video demo of someone using it. Its like Granular Synthesis or something like that right?

    • We’ll try to make a video asap but I won’t be able to do it today. But it is pretty straight forward, press the record button to record a small buffer, it’ll record for as long you press the button so hold the record button for about 1-5 seconds. As soon you done that you can start to “scratch” with the sample by just turning the scratch platters. Ity will only sound while playing with the wheels, as soon you stop it will be silent.
      Happy scratching!

    • Oh, I forgot… Download it again, we made a last second change to the code and 1.01 (same name and download link but it is updated) will sound much better.

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  4. Hi, The plug look great so far. just a little question:is it working as well on x64 systems (win7)

    regards and thank you :) !

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