CatchDad is the second Noisebud plugin created strictly for live situations. It was initially created for our arty side project Memo Cassette, but we have used it in all our live setups ever since the first version.

Memo Cassette on spotify:

CatchDad is also the central part of this live performance with Noisebud:

With CatchDad you can catch 4 different sounds with just the click of a button and instantly start to program rhythms with the built in step sequencers. The plugin is capable of building advanced rhythmic patterns with the different sequencer speed settings. It’s basic functionality is pretty straightforward, you’ll be droppin’ beats within 20 minutes. Just send any sound, live or prerecorded through the plugin, press Record and you’re on your way!

And yes, we’re aware of the fact that this thing need a manual, badly… But we don’t have the time right now. Post your questions here and we try to answer them as we go along.

Here’s a clip where Johannes plays with a Beta version of CatchDad, we’ll make a tutorial and a bit more inspiring video as soon we can find the time.

Download Noisebud CatchDad 2.5

News in 2.5:
-Adjustable sequencer length (you can now create true isorhythmic patterns)
-Added a ‘Free’ tempo mode
-Pitch return to default pitch when you double click the Pitch knob
-You can now adjust the length of the autorec function
-Added a ‘remove old versions’ function in the installer

Download Noisebud CatchDad 2.0

News in 2.0:
– Auto record. You can now set CatchDad to record automatically in i e the beginning of every bar, or end… or middle…
– The pitch is now adjustable between 12 tone equal temperament and free
– 128 User presets added that are accessible through MIDI program change. If you change a user preset and store your song/project, your host should store all 128 presets with you project. So there is no store button.
– The interface takes less space so it fits on lo-res laptop screens.

Download Noisebud CatchDad 1.13

Thanks to all who contributed to the CatchDad project (give us a shout if we forgot someone):
Jeff McClintock for Synthedit
David Haupt for the SampleSnatcher module
Peter Schoffhauzer for the SC:Leveladjust module
KDLynch for the DSP2GUI modules
Michael Peters for his development ideas (The auto-rec function, tempered pitch, scale-able step length, multiple outputs and the extra push needed to implement the random function)

-Noisebud CatchDad was included on Computer Music’s issue #170 CD

10 comments on “CatchDad

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  3. It will work in any VST host including FL studio as long as you can route live audio (or loops, vsti’s or other audio source) into the plugin at the same time as you use the output.

  4. Hello!
    Why use an installer? Any technical reason? Why not just a zip file with the VSTi?
    I tend to skip free stuff with installers… for obvious reasons.
    But looks like a very fun tool though. Thank you for making it available for free.
    Have you tested it with Cantabile? (That’s my live host, except that I only play live for myself).
    Gotta checkout Burt too…
    NetC @ S4A

    • Haha, I understand your point of view. We make installers because most users prefer the simplicity of a installer, me for one.

      We can e-mail the DLL if you prefer it that way. =)

      • And yes, we have users who have confirmed that CD work in Cantabile (you might have to set up a midi clock to make it work properly, CatchDad use the host’s midi clock to control the internal sequencers by default).

    • No, sorry. We make different tools/plugins for our own live setups and we give them away for others to use and we use Windows so we create tools for Windows; it’s as simple as that. If we start using iOS we’ll probably start creating tools for Apple but there’s no plan for that atm.

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