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This is the home of our VST plugin series for Windows. We decided to make all future releases donate-ware in an attempt to cover our costs but we will provide a black and white version of every plugin with no limitations what so ever but visually.

License Agreement:

It is ok to:
– use Noisebud branded software for personal or professional use
– make money with music or soundeffects where our products are used
– use our products live on stage

It is NOT ok to:
– sell or in any other way commercialize upon our software without our permission, this includes software aggregators who use free software to gain traffic to their online services.
– to post direct download links or host our software on any server without our permission

And of course:
– we do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage caused through the use of Noisebud branded products or services, be it indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or the like).

The Low End measuring mix and mastering tool

Bass drum modelling and mix tool .
2Noisebud Binvert 2 2013-12-04 152600.bmp

GranMa will record a snippet of the incoming audio and play her buffers back as soon you start to move the buffer platters.

Lazy Kenneth
This is for all 4/4 type of music, techno, house, trance and so on.
Fake that pumping sidechained compressor effect just by put this on your bassline, pads or what ever!

Catch any sound in real time and start program beats just as if it was a drum machine.

Our gritty and evil bass synthesizer that will blow either your head or your speakers apart.

Add grit, shit and dirt to everything.

Our first plugin, lots of filters stacked on each other.

Turn you MIDI controller into an meter bridge.

Turn anything into a wobbling rythm.

Alpha, Betas and RC’s
Far from finished but functional test versions of projects that might happen. 

62 comments on “VST plugins

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  21. Great plug ins to add to my monster collection; it is a great benefit for not only you the creators to offer these tools to the public, but to the not seen musician that is the inde.
    We are in a rise of new bands that operate in home studios that are incredible and we often operate like many with a shoe string budget. Me I am the one who makes it a point to push all of these great tools to super musicians who are not yet known. For instance the alchemy player and how incredible camel audio is. Well by giving away they will receive it is a definite that I will buy adds to their plug ins it was a synth that went beyond what i have bought. Simply incredible I like the site they have as well. I hope to receive emails from you as I will support and spread word from hear to their. That is quite some a distance… Take care in all things. Ronald Jackson Everything Man Band

  22. umm i’m new to music software and i’m not sure how to use the noisebud catchdad. do i need another program to run this through? i just want to record some stuff on guitar…

    • Yes, you need a VST host. You can use any host that transmit timecodes, here’s a short list of hosts you can use:

      Fruity Loops
      Ableton Live
      Wavosaur (free)

      Light hosts (just hosts where you load a VST plugin). I don’t know if these send timecode by default but they are capable of doing so:

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  25. Hi guys you are genius!!!But I can’t use the vst on my win7 latop,there are wrong message “can’t load SE plug in”and ca’t find the path…..It still works fine on my old xp~please help me out~~

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  33. I heared of Noisebud Burt 1.0 at VSTPlanet and thought i would give it a go … Personally i think it is a fantastic VST and certainly capable of more than was originally put in the description ! This VST is being under sung as it can compete with some of the best synth VST`s out there (I should know i`ve probably got most of them :) ) i am therefore giving it a 10 + in my write up in my next review and video !!!
    Welldone to all who worked on this little beauty ! It is a true masterpiece ! Thanks !

    • No… =)

      We looked into that but decided that it isn’t worth it, we’re only use PC’s atm and all our plugins are made with the purpose to be used by us plus that we’re musicians and not software developers.

    • Set your VST plugin folder in FL studio, run the setup and when the setup ask for the location point it to your FL studio VST plugin directory.
      The best thing is to use the same VST folder for all your DAWs and editors, otherwise you’d have to install the same plugin several times to different locations.

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  42. De todos los secuenciadores por pasos que veo este es el que quiero y no me funciona. Es realmente curioso. Solo responde a los triggers . A los pasos no.
    Utilizo xp y un ms20. No se que estoy haciendo mal. Estaria muy agradecido de que me ayudaras. Colaboraria en tu trabajo .Gracias

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